About Smart Home by beckis

Smart Home by beckis is a smart system that allows you to connect custom made sensors, actuators, many commercial products (Sonos speakers, Philips Hue lights, Samsung Smart TV, etc.) and IFTTT channels (Weather, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) altogether. You can control lights, heating, watter flow, locks, alarms, cameras, speakers, all from one application (Android, iOS) or web interface.

Smart Home by beckis allows you to...

  • Monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world
  • Collect, analyze, visualize data
  • Save your money and energy
  • Access everything from one application, web interface

Openhab application

Scenario – Morning routine

You are waking up while your speakers play your favorite song, your window shades goes up and you feel very comfortable because the temperature is set up to morning mode. After you take a shower, your cup of coffee is prepared and you can enjoy it. While brushing your teeth a nice lady informs you about the weather forecast for today and reminds you your today's meetings. When you leave your home, you don't need to worry about anything. Lights, speakers, TV, coffee machine are automatically turned off, temperature reduced, door locked and alarm system turned on.

Scenario – Holiday

You are on holiday and worry about your home. You can check remotely if your doors are locked, widows closed, lights turned off, alarm active, check heating system, temperature, humidity, gas precence or watch your dog through camera. You can turn on/off lights, watter, electricity. You don't have to worry about flowers on the balcony because they are wattered automatically depending on weather conditions and soil moisture.

Smart Home by beckis

Access from anywhere

Platform independent

Fits custom requirements

Runs on battery


All in one App


Money saving

Energy saving